Our progressive training is the key to prepare and deliver a good speech.  Of the various training supports made available to club members, the most important of these is The Speakers Guide, which is made available to every member on joining.  Ten basic assignments are detailed, to be completed step by step at your own pace – see below.  Each assignment is designed to improve a particular aspect of speaking and the first sections give general advice on how to prepare and deliver a speech.

Members are encouraged to work through the first ten assignments with the support of the Club Education Director.  Members who wish to stretch their abilities even further can then move on to the Advanced Assignments – see below.

Basic Assignments                            Advanced Assignments

Making A Start (Icebreaker)
Mean What You Say
Speech Construction
Using Gestures & Body Language
Using Your Voice Effectively
Vocabulary & Word Pictures
Using Notes
Using Humour
Audience Rapport
The Showpiece
The Impromptu Speech
The Outside Assignment
Using Presentation Aids
Chairing Meetings
Delivering A Lecture
Business Presentations
The After Dinner Speech
The Written Speech
Speaking Without Notes
Further Challenges

All Members of the club have also been developing skills in online communication but we now meet in person.  Do contact us for any more information…