Happy New Year.

A brilliant Christmas social was held which involved a secret Santa style session when everyone was given a gift and had then had to speak about why they thought the gift had been chosen.  The gifts were thoughtful with plenty of opportunities for humour and fun, totally appropriate to the receiver.

The new year started with visitors from other clubs and we welcomed four guests who had come to find out about what we have to offer.  We have also held our annual Speech Competition where we speak on a subject for six to eight minutes trying to implement all the skills we have gained during the past year.  Congratulations to Kevin who won with a brilliant speech finding out about genetic history entitled ‘Sweet genes are made of these’.

If you would like to improve your speaking skills for any reason or just to have a fun night out, please contact Allan Rimmer 01455 324495 to enquire about coming to find out for yourself or look on our Lutterworth Speakers website.


Celebration Again!

Lutterworth Club were thrilled to win the Chatterbox team speaking competition again this year.  The aim of the competition is to support new members to speak in front of a larger audience with backing and support in a team. 

This year’s challenge was black and white. Steve, our new member, spoke about the white cliffs of Dover bringing humour, shock and history into his speech.  Sue spoke about Blackpool while Margaret brought both speeches together by linking geology, history and poetry between the two places… oh and of course the hats! 

Whilst we enjoy working towards competitions our most important aim is to improve our skills, learn from each other and to have fun.  This month we are also pleased to welcome Dylan and Abigail to the Speakers family.

 If you would like to join us, please contact Allan Rimmer 01455 324495 to enquire about coming to find out for yourself or look on our Lutterworth Speakers website.


Do you suffer from glossophobia?

(That is a fear of public speaking to you and me.) We have the cure, in a constructive, friendly and safe environment.

Come and join us at the Wycliffe Rooms from 7.30pm on Monday 12TH October when we shall have a speech evening where members will be honing their individual challenges or, Monday 24th October, when we shall be holding an ‘impromptu’ evening, practising making a speech with short preparation time.

If you are interested in gaining skills in speaking in public or just to gain confidence in a fun, structured and safe environment please telephone Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 to enquire about visiting as our guest one evening or look on our Lutterworth Speakers website.

JULY 2022

Lutterworth Speakers

As we are preparing for the next season of Lutterworth Speakers we would like to extend a welcome to anyone, of any age or ability to come and join us for an introductory session.  We offer you the chance to increase your confidence with public speaking, speaking up in groups or just to express yourself verbally by providing a friendly, positive, structured and safe environment for you to practice, develop and enhance the skills you may not know you already have.

Lutterworth Speakers Group is part of a national organisation working towards a common goal. We have a great mixture of ages, experiences and abilities with the common threads of sharing interests, supporting each other and having fun. We meet every other Monday evening from September 12th from 7.30 at the Wycliffe Rooms.  If you are interested in joining us please contact Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 to enquire about visiting as our guest one evening


Special Meeting of Lutterworth Speakers Club

On Monday, March 14, Lutterworth Speakers Club (LSC) will be hosting a Special evening to celebrate World Speech Day (WSD).  WSD ‘celebrates the power of a speech to bring people together and share ideas’.  You are cordially invited to join us for the evening!

You may or may not have had an association with the club in the past but it doesn’t matter.  What matters is the present, and LSC are opening up their doors to guests and potential new members, as well as friends from the past, for an introductory and typical evening of fun.  During the evening there will be a chance to chat to current members, there will be a number of 4 minute speeches as well as some impromptu spoken responses to questions asked by our Topics Chairperson.  Join in or just sit back and watch, the choice is yours. If you don’t believe that public speaking can ever be fun, come along and see for yourself.  Laughter is guaranteed!

We meet at The Wycliffe Rooms on George Street in Lutterworth, beginning at 7.30pm – you should plan to arrive at 7.20pm please. We’ll finish at 9.30pm and will take a break in the middle of the evening when the bar will be open for you to purchase drinks.

To enquire about coming along on the night or just visiting the club in general, feel free to email Allan Rimmer at  allan_rimmer@hotmail.co.uk  or contact Allan on 01455 324495 with any further questions.  We really hope to see you there!


Continued Success at Lutterworth Speakers Club.

Lutterworth Speakers Club continued their successes at the South East Midlands Area event.  Sue won the speech competition with a speech entitled ‘Challenge Accepted’, where we learned about ‘Spam Can’ trains after a challenge issued by her husband Dave.  Eileen won the topics competition with a speech around the word ‘forecast’ reminding us how life is unpredictable and the twists and turns of the covid epidemic.  They will now go on to represent the area in the regional competitions in March in Birmingham.

This month we have welcomed a new member in David and look forward to sharing his speaking journey and finding out about his interests.  We also had a visitor from Canada who shared his driving experiences during his first few days here in a humorous, rhyming tale of events.

Lutterworth Speakers Club now have room for several more members. We’d like to encourage anyone thinking of improving their public speaking ability, or anyone simply attempting to start out in public speaking, or just to come and have fun, to contact us in order to find out more.  Telephone Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 to enquire about visiting as our guest one evening.

June 2021

This has been a month of great celebrations at Lutterworth Speaker’s Club. Manuel, Derek and Heather achieved their first level certificates, Tom and Sue their ‘Show Piece’ Challenge, Matt was awarded the trophy for the most improved speaker and Heather was awarded the club contribution trophy.

Congratulations to Manuel for being elected as the new President of Lutterworth Speaker’s Club at this year’s AGM.

This month we proudly support Allan H. as he represents our area in the regional evaluation competition and welcome Alex as a new member to our group. Speakers are now meeting in the Wycliffe Rooms until July when we shall have a short summer break before meeting again in September.   If you would like to join us and learn to improve your speaking skills, please contact Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 or see our website lutterworthspeakersclub.com