Latest Entries

APRIL 2017

We had a very entertaining night before Easter. Eileen Fox, recently returned from a trip to South Africa, took us on a trip to Durban and gave us an imaginary tour of that beautiful country. Her wonderful descriptions of the beaches and mountains made us all want to see them for ourselves. Then we had … Continue reading

March 2017 with sadness

We are very sad to announce the death of Mary Evans.  Mary was our longest-serving member, having joined the then Lutterworth Ladies speaking club over 30 years ago. She was a fount of wisdom and expertise, and had the knack of making new members feel welcome and appreciated, and gave us all invaluable advice and … Continue reading

MARCH 2017

Our club recently had two very successful evenings. We held a special guest night and amongst a gathering of 20 welcomed three new members. The following evening saw us entertain – or rather, be entertained by, members of the Leicester Speakers Club.  Kamal Dhutia spoke about the basics of photography, a new passion of his; … Continue reading


In December we ran a special event – a Mock Trial.  David Hanger was in the dock, accused of painting the words ‘Lutterworth Needs HS2!’ on the Whittle aeroplane on our beloved roundabout just south of the town. There was plenty of mocked-up evidence against Dave, who is a self-confessed train nut. A faked-up photograph … Continue reading


Lutterworth Speakers held a special American themed night just before the US election. We had two speeches.   Eileen Fox did an excellent and informative speech concerning unknown facts about US Presidents – such as Obama’s fondness for collecting Spiderman and Conan the Barbarian comic books.   Then Maggie Barlow gave an impromptu speech about MacDonalds. Maggie … Continue reading


Lutterworth Speakers Club – Victory once again! Congratulations to our team who ensured victory for the club, for the fourth year in a row, in the Area ‘Chatterbox’ team-speaking competition. Sarah Waters, David Hanger and Eileen Fox (l to r above) went to town with the theme of ‘Hare/Hair and Hounds’ with all manner of … Continue reading


Lutterworth Speakers like a challenge, and our attempt at winning a fourth  ‘Chatterbox’ Area Team Speaking competition has meant much planning and rehearsal.  Preparation, especially in public speaking, is all! But we don’t always allow time to prepare. Our regular ‘Topics’ session challenges members to speak for up to 3 minutes on…well, anything. The latest … Continue reading