Happy New Year.

A brilliant Christmas social was held which involved a secret Santa style session when everyone was given a gift and had then had to speak about why they thought the gift had been chosen.  The gifts were thoughtful with plenty of opportunities for humour and fun, totally appropriate to the receiver.

The new year started with visitors from other clubs and we welcomed four guests who had come to find out about what we have to offer.  We have also held our annual Speech Competition where we speak on a subject for six to eight minutes trying to implement all the skills we have gained during the past year.  Congratulations to Kevin who won with a brilliant speech finding out about genetic history entitled ‘Sweet genes are made of these’.

If you would like to improve your speaking skills for any reason or just to have a fun night out, please contact Allan Rimmer 01455 324495 to enquire about coming to find out for yourself or look on our Lutterworth Speakers website.