APRIL 2023

At Lutterworth Speakers Club we are really proud that Allan H. has made National Finals for the evaluation discipline and wish him luck as he represents our region in Cardiff next month.

Evaluation is an important discipline of the speaker’s club where we all learn from speeches that have been given.  The evaluator has the responsibility of critiquing a speech, highlighting and emphasising what has been delivered well and advising on an area that may need development in a positive and constructive manner.  Examples of good practice are drawn from the speech to demonstrate why that part was so good as well as ways to improve areas for development. We believe that by accentuating the positive we encourage each member to build their speaking skills and confidence.

If you are interested in gaining skills in speaking in public or just to gain confidence in a fun, safe environment please telephone Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 to enquire about visiting as our guest one evening or look on our Lutterworth Speakers website.