Lutterworth Speakers like a challenge, and our attempt at winning a fourth  ‘Chatterbox’ Area Team Speaking competition has meant much planning and rehearsal.  Preparation, especially in public speaking, is all!

But we don’t always allow time to prepare. Our regular ‘Topics’ session challenges members to speak for up to 3 minutes on…well, anything. The latest theme was ‘Monday Night at the Lutterworth Palladium’ and we had great fun with it. The brief was to describe, using meaningful gestures, your act – from Snake Charmer to Plate Spinner, Strong Woman or Magician.

First came Sarah Waters as ‘Fire Eater’. It transpired she was a novice and as nervous as her audience, but she warmed us up nicely. Mary Evans’ Snake Charmer revealed her secret – the snake was real but her playing of the flute was not; she relied on a recording. Nevertheless, we all started swaying along. Edward Taylor’s Plate Spinning was a treat – we could almost see the plates atop his sticks, and the way he managed to hold one in his mouth whilst speaking was amazing.  And so on through Juggler, badly behaved Performing Dog, to the finale – Allan Heggs’ Drag Queen, which he downplayed admirably.

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