In December we ran a special event – a Mock Trial.  David Hanger was in the dock, accused of painting the words ‘Lutterworth Needs HS2!’ on the Whittle aeroplane on our beloved roundabout just south of the town.

There was plenty of mocked-up evidence against Dave, who is a self-confessed train nut. A faked-up photograph of graffiti on the plane, and paint-spattered clothing and dustsheet (kindly supplied by Dave’s wife Sue) all pointed to him being guilty.

The scene was set, with our Area President Dora Mack acting as Judge and other visitors taking a place on the jury. There were two witnesses – Maggie Barlow for the prosecution and Edward Taylor for the defence.  Prosecuting counsel Allan Heggs tried to convince the jury that Dave had done the deed, while defence counsel Eileen Fox argued his innocence.  The jury, with guest Foreman David Grayson from the Market Harborough Speakers Club, unanimously decided he was not guilty. The judge, in two minds herself, reluctantly agreed to set him free.

It was a fun evening, enjoyed by all, and thanks go to the Frank Whittle studio on Bitteswell Road, who helped us out when we had a late change of venue.