SEPT 2017

LUTTERWORTH SPEAKERS CLUB returned fresh for a new season with several new faces in the group who received a warm welcome from all.

A rehearsal of our ‘Chatterbox’ Area competition entry on the theme ‘Coach and Horses’ threw up a great many fascinating facts about the history of both. Team speaking has its own challenges of coordination, communication and timing, and with luck our team (Margaret Baldwin, Edward Taylor and Steve Wagstaff) will pull out a winning entry.

Maggie Barlow chaired a Topics session – sending members out to various places such as a supermarket, petrol station or leisure centre, with a ‘Fantasy Friend’ from long ago, with the challenge of explaining to the friend in 3 minutes what the place was all about.

This was interesting and entertaining.  Eileen Fox took Shakespeare to a petrol station, explaining how to get in a car (not through the window), how to fill the tank and fasten a seatbelt.  Gary Hayward chose a different angle – he took a deaf friend round a hospital, explaining instruments and procedures.  Steve Wagstaff took Julius Caesar to a football match (it’s not lions that come out of the tunnel), and first-time guest Emma joined in enthusiastically, showing a sculptor (Michelangelo?) round a museum to see how his work had lasted.

We meet at Karter’s Café on Church St, Lutterworth, 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month, 7.30 to 9.30pm.  We welcome guests and visitors; just drop in any time, ring Maggie Barlow on 01455 207774 for more information or see our website