Lutterworth Speakers started the new year with great enthusiasm and a speech by Maggie Barlow about ‘A Right Reverend’ the Reverend Stephen Hawker, a fascinating character from Cornish past, and from Eileen Fox ‘Believe it or not’ when she told us about the different quirks and interests of some previous American presidents.   We have also had training from Allan Heggs as well as topic sessions encouraging us to talk about our careers.  

Our challenge for February was to choose a character from the album cover of ‘Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ and create a five-minute speech using vocabulary to create a picture of that person.

We would like to welcome Tony a new member to the group and look forward to his contributions to our meetings.

Speakers are continuing to meet on the first and third Monday’s of each month.  We meet on zoom and are developing new skills to meet the challenges of this media.   If you would like to join us and learn to improve your speaking skills please contact Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 or see our website lutterworthspeakersclub.com