APRIL 2021

At the meeting of Lutterworth Speakers Club last month, we travelled the world investigating all of the places that we would like to visit.  Whilst we found good reasons to go to Chile and Cambodia, we were shocked to find that trains were not the main reason for Dave wanting to visit Australia! 

Matt hosted his first topic’s session, encouraging us to describe a building for others to guess, and so we visited Tower Bridge, The Eiffel Tower and The Burj-Khalifa amongst others.

We also were treated to the delights of Crete from Eileen and a ‘shaggy dog’ story as Allan contemplated the history of his beard.

Lutterworth Speakers are now meeting in the Wycliffe Rooms until July when we shall have a short summer break before meeting again in September.   If you would like to join us and learn to improve your speaking skills, please contact Allan Rimmer on 01455 324495 or see our website: LutterworthSpeakersClub.com