Celebration Again!

Lutterworth Club were thrilled to win the Chatterbox team speaking competition again this year.  The aim of the competition is to support new members to speak in front of a larger audience with backing and support in a team. 

This year’s challenge was black and white. Steve, our new member, spoke about the white cliffs of Dover bringing humour, shock and history into his speech.  Sue spoke about Blackpool while Margaret brought both speeches together by linking geology, history and poetry between the two places… oh and of course the hats! 

Whilst we enjoy working towards competitions our most important aim is to improve our skills, learn from each other and to have fun.  This month we are also pleased to welcome Dylan and Abigail to the Speakers family.

 If you would like to join us, please contact Allan Rimmer 01455 324495 to enquire about coming to find out for yourself or look on our Lutterworth Speakers website.