What is an I Pad?  Anything to do with an eye pad?  Or perhaps an eye patch – as worn by pirates?  ‘I Pads in schools’ was the topic given to Lutterworth Speakers  ‘Tag Topics’ team in a recent evening get together with Barwell Cedars Speakers Club and we opted for the more unusual interpretation. This resulted in a fairly silly presentation about children dressing in pirate costumes for World Book Day, with Health and Safety concerns over the construction of a pirate ship and the use of its attendant plank featuring quite strongly.

Barwell’s team had the more sober topic of the retirement age going back to 70, with the likely ramifications of this unpopular move.  The evening also featured speeches from Edward Taylor about global weather and young Thomas Roe from Barwell about his future career.

Such club get togethers are part of the activities of the South East Leicestershire Speakers Clubs and help foster ideas and forge friendships.  Whether you are an experienced speaker or a nervous novice we provide support and encouragement in a friendly and fun environment.

We meet at the Greyhound Inn, Lutterworth, 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 7.30 – 9.30pm. Visitors and guests are always welcome.  For more information see our website lutterworthspeakersclub.com or call Maggie Barlow on 01455 207774.