Lutterworth Speakers Club had an entertaining session before Christmas with speeches from Allan Rimmer and Charles Ray.  Allan’s choice of subject was ‘It’s never too late’  – an inducement to grab 2016 by the horns and do something you haven’t before, like take up skiing in your retirement.

So feeling thoroughly inspired to make the most of our remaining days, Charles Ray then managed to both inform and amuse us on a subject we mostly new absolutely nothing about – video games. Perhaps if we want to try something completely different in the New Year and hone our faculties to new heights, this more sedentary pursuit might suit the less able amongst us if skiing sounds too energetic.  Or we could just take up knitting.

Charles also ran a topics session based on taking a year from a random coin and talking about what that year meant to you.  This proved quite a challenge, one which Maggie Barlow sidestepped:  having selected 2001, she chose to talk about the film 2001: a Space Odyssey, rather than depressing world events.

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