The Club held a Balloon Debate recently which turned into a lot of fun. Members imagined they were in a hot-air balloon, blown off-course and heading for an uninhabited island. They will run out of fuel and crash – unless they reduce weight by throwing one person out of the balloon. Each member took on a role as a very famous person and argued their case to stay in.

After a first secret ballot, Hillary Clinton, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Nelson Mandela and Florence Nightingale survived, but Muhammad Ali, Mary Berry and Liz Taylor all had to plead to stay in a second time.

Ali (David Hanger) promised to use his strength to help build a shelter while Berry (Sue Hanger) tempted us with the prospect of lovely cakes.  Liz Taylor (Eileen Fox) turned on the waterworks with a very actressy performance to try and persuade the others to keep her.  A second ballot proved inconclusive and with time running out the pilot (Maggie Barlow) had to choose – and Liz Taylor, who had nothing practical to offer (and seemed to want an uninhibited island) got the push.

We are a fun club with a serious purpose – helping people to improve their speaking skills.  We welcome visitors and guests. We meet in the Indian Lounge, George Street, Lutterworth, 7.30 pm, 1st & 3rd Mondays of the month (Bank Holidays can vary dates). Phone Maggie Barlow for details 01455 207774 or visit