APRIL 2017

We had a very entertaining night before Easter. Eileen Fox, recently returned from a trip to South Africa, took us on a trip to Durban and gave us an imaginary tour of that beautiful country. Her wonderful descriptions of the beaches and mountains made us all want to see them for ourselves.

Then we had a special event – Wedding Speeches.  Instead of our normal impromptu Topics, Allan Heggs invited us to choose in advance from a selection of characters, each with a different angle on the wedding, and prepare a mini-speech. The mother of the groom thought her son was marrying beneath him; the bridesmaid, sister of the bride, told us what a pain her big sister was; the hotel manager was desperate to avoid any damage to his newly-decorated hotel, and the vicar was partial to ‘a drink or six’.

We had great fun with this. New members Lydia Oatridge and Steve Wagstaff threw themselves into their characters, Lydia as the carping bridesmaid and Steve playing the best man as a highly-amusing Shrek. Margaret Baldwin gave a great spontaneous turn as the snooty mother of the groom and Allan Heggs was a wonderfully two-faced hotel manager. But the star turn of the night was Edward Taylor as the drunken vicar, who had us all in stitches with a brilliant comic performance.

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