MAY 2017

We brought the season to an end in May with our AGM, followed by a lively debate, at Karter’s Cafe.

Our Club President, Allan Rimmer, chose Edward Taylor for ‘Most Improved Speaker of the Year’, particularly in light of his recent hilarious rendition of a drunken vicar. Allan Heggs also received the President’s Award for his outstanding contribution as our Education Director, a role in which he provides advice and training sessions for club members on all the various aspects of what makes a good speaker.  Then Allan Rimmer himself received a heartfelt Vote of Thanks for his indefatigable work promoting the club in the local community. This has brought in a number of new members this year and considerably raised our profile.  Congratulations to all.

Then followed a lively, and heartfelt, debate. The motion was ‘This house believes that the female of the species is deadlier than the male”.  Lydia Oatridge led the team speaking for the motion, whilst Margaret Baldwin led the team speaking against.  Despite some lighter moments, e.g. discussing Adam and Eve’s contribution to the subject, the issue was taken seriously and the theme thoroughly explored. The opposing team had the stronger arguments.  Domestic violence is largely committed by men; the atom bomb was invented by a man, and Adolf Hitler was, of course, a man. Case closed, and the motion was lost.

We meet at Karter’s Café on Church St, Lutterworth, Sept to May, 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 7.30 to 9.30pm.    We welcome guests and visitors; just drop in any time.    We break until Monday, 4th September.  In the meantime, for further information see our website,, or ring Maggie Barlow on 01455 207774 for details.