Lutterworth Speakers Club lost one of its most entertaining speakers in April when Steve Wagstaff died. He was a preacher, writer and humorist, and found in the club a great outlet for his thoughts. An abridged extract of his notes on the theme of “Is the Female of the Species Deadlier than the Male?” shows his great sense of humour:

“In some species, spiders for example, the sole purpose of the male is to fertilise the female egg. Once they have completed their task their lives become meaningless. Yes, it is true that the female then kills the male but this is an act of mercy. If the female did not take pity on the male and end its miserable life after mating then the poor male would have to spend the rest of his days in a totally meaningless parody of life, his ears continually bombarded by the constant whining of the female with no point to his continued existence. You see, rather than being cold and deadly killers the females of the species are in reality, warm and generous and compassionate. To say otherwise is to misunderstand their motivation.”

Steve will be much missed.

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